Detection of deposits
  Exploration of sand, gravel, clay and ore deposits
Detection of deposits and overburdens, diagnosis of space and volume
Exploration of fracture systems
  Detection of artificial cavities and ground loosenings
Detection of archeologic structures and single objects, e.g. tombs
Applicable for military or criminalistic investigations

Exploration of objects and underground

  Retrieval of power, water and pipe lines and tanks like oil tanks, etc. (metal, stone, concrete, plastic)
Retrieval of bunkers and air-raid shelters as well as old foundations
  Foundation soil
  Examination of the strata
Location of ground loosenings
Mapping of hard rock top edges
Detection of fill-up zones, diagnosis of space and volume
Taxing of potential capacity and danger of slumping areas (debris flows, landslip, etc.)
  Examination of structures and constructions
  Shock and vibration measurements according DIN 4150
Examination of building materials and its build-up (thickness, moistness, etc.)
Location of embeddings (cavities, electric circuits, armorings, anchors, truss, girders)

Building physics

Location of leakings (underfloor heating, water and sewage pipes)
Detection of zones with moisture penetration
Determination of weak spots in heat insulations

Detection of explosive ordnances


Location of duds, ammunition, bomb funnels and other military old neglected depositis
Scrutiny for explosive ordnances in areas determined for excavation



  Exploration of drinking, mineral and thermal water resources
Detection of groundwater catchment areas
Search for better locations for wells
Determination of groundwater flow directions
Exploration of fault zones
Exploration and mapping of water-bearing aquifers and impermeable layers
Detection of thermal stress of waters and tributaries


Exploration of disposal sites, fill-ups and old environmental damages (diagnosis of space and volume, mapping of leakings, locations of thermal active zones)
Exploration of locations for landfills
Detection of radioactive contamination (gamma-mapping, local dose rating)